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If mounting miniature cylinders has ever posed a problem for you, your problem is solved! One of the styles WATSON offers is that of a threaded O.D. Locking nuts are provided with each cylinder
In addition to the threaded O.D., the aluminum base, the flat mount and the nose mount options already offered, WATSON also offers the Rod Clevis Option!
Another option for mounting your cylinders is in using the WATSON front or rear based mounting style.
The WATSON Flat Mount Cylinder is a popular alternative to the "traditional" round cylinder body.
If it is a nose mount option you prefer, WATSON is able to satisfy that requirement as well.
Another mounting feature is the rear pivot. WATSON will position the ports in line with the hole of the pivot or at a 90 angle. It's your choice.
WATSON has available a non-rotating rod in the spring return, 3/8" bore and 1/2" bore Cylinders.


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